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Combining Massage, Energy and Metaphysical Healing Modalities


Welcome to 5 Element Therapy!

In our world today, we seem to live at an ever increasingly fast pace while facing multiple demands on our time and other resources. It can be challenging to keep our focus on balancing the need to perform and achieve vs. carving out time for relaxation and replenishing of our bodies, our minds and our spirits. All too often, unmanaged stress along with minimal relaxation, is the root cause of a wide variety of physical ailments such as pain, insomnia, indigestion and illness.

At 5 Element Therapy, the focus is on assisting you to reach optimal health through addressing various stress symptoms manifested in the body.  Massage and energy work is a proven treatment for the symptoms and pains of unwanted stress. Conventional massage techniques are combined with energy work such as craniosacral therapy, resulting in highly effective treatments.

As Shakti Gawain stated: The overall process of physical healing takes place in our lives as we learn to feel, listen to, and trust our bodies again. Spiritual healing occurs as we begin to consciously reconnect with our essential being. 

5 Element Therapy is centrally located at the Iyengar Yoga Center, 770 S. Broadway, Denver, Colorado.

Hello, my name is Dave Draper and I designed 5 Element Therapy to exceed your usual massage experience -- by combining traditional massage therapies with purposeful, effective energy work.  My commitment to my clients is to provide them with a full experience for relaxation, stress relief, increased body awareness and self-healing.





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