Five Element Therapy
Combining Massage, Energy and Metaphysical Healing Modalities

Five Element Therapy

“Five Element Therapy” is a healing touch therapy founded on the symbolism of the five primary elements often used to represent the world we live in, including our bodies.  These symbols are earth, water, fire, wind, and sky.

Our bodies have a remarkable ability to heal and regenerate.  The cells of our body are deliberately replaced continually.  Five Element Therapy is structured upon the belief that the body heals itself.  Five Element Therapy is designed to create an environment that is optimal for the body to follow the natural process of continual regeneration.  The five elements represent the fundamental building blocks used in the constant regeneration we call life.

A common symbol of the five elements in the Japanese tradition is the gorinto, a modest stone tower of five shapes comprised of a cube, a sphere, a triangle, a crescent or hemisphere and the final being a flower or a jewel. 

The cube represents solidarity.  It is your bones, muscles, skin, tendons and ligaments.  Because it has a resistance to movement it is also aligned with stability, stubbornness, and self-confidence.

The sphere symbolizes water, the fluid, formless, flowing things in the world.  In our physical bodies it represents the fluids in our bodies, blood, enzymes, lymph and the emotions.  Your flexibility, defensiveness, suppleness and magnetism are found in this element.

The triangle is fire, representing the energetic, forceful moving things in the world. As the name implies in nature it is flame, heat and also lightning.  It is our drive, our passion and specifically in our body, it is our metabolism, body heat and the lightning of our nervous system.

The hemisphere or crescent shape represents wind or air.  Wind stands for growth, freedom of movement, expansion.  It can be your mind, thoughts, personality, wisdom, life experiences.  Specifically in your body it is the process of respiration, bringing oxygen to your body and releasing the carbon dioxide.

The topmost symbol of the flower or jewel represents spirit but has a number of meanings; heaven, spirit, the void or the pure potential from which everything comes from.  In our lives this is the energy of your body, your spirit, soul, creativity, spontaneity, power, inventiveness and joy.

Five Element Therapy provides the blueprint for the diagnostic exploration and resulting treatment needed to create the ultimate self-healing environment for you.  The combination of many styles and techniques yields the appropriate mixture of the five elements.

During massage bodywork, clients will notice a variety of techniques applied like the long full effleurage strokes (water) moving the lymphatic and circulatory system. The strong, brisk strokes of petrissage (earth) loosen and stretch the muscles, skin, tendons and ligaments. Traction and joint range of motion movements will bring flexibility (wind) to your system.  Neuromuscular deep tissue massage impacts bones, muscles, tendons, (earth) circulatory and lymphatic systems (water), stimulating carbon dioxide release (wind) and nervous system (fire).  Sports massage addresses many of the same systems with a strong emphasis on flexibility and strength (earth, water, fire, air).

 The Cranio-Sacral techniques help align the bones of the spine and cranium (earth) but also the movement of the Cranio-sacral fluid, the sacrum and the cranium (water).  Matrix Energetics focuses on both the body and the energy systems through the quantum realm bringing energy (fire) and emotional support (sky).  Trance massage brings support for habit cessation, stress relief and relaxation (sky, water, earth).  Hot stone massage literally brings the heat and actual stones (earth, fire) into the treatment experience. 

Motion palpation is an effective technique for uncovering those areas needing extra attention (earth, water).  Massage bodywork, delivered with skill, mindful intention, and proven methodolgies results in a profound physiological release of endorphins and other healing enzymes that our bodies crave (sky, wind & fire).

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